Who is the Metallic Lounge?

Hey and welcome to The Metallic Lounge! The lounge is owned/operated by musician/engineer/producer Paul Schaefer. I have been a musician for over 30 years and have been producing music since I was a kid. Growing up using 4 track recorders and a multi track reel to reel. I have been making music professionally for over 10 years. One of my key focus areas is building a great relationship with clients to use as a foundation to the project. If I can’t get the artist to let me into his/her process, then we are not going to be able to make a great record together. It all comes down to having trust during the creative process. If either of us has a wall built up, it just stops the process from moving forward. We work very hard to make every customer feel comfortable and provide an environment that helps them feel creative and perform their best.

Our Services

: Recording/Producing/Mixing/Mastering

: Editing, Drum Quantizing, Guitar ReAmping

: Radio/TV spot creation

Our Rates

: $1000/Song (using my network of musicians, one day of tracking, includes mixing & mastering)
: $750/Song (using your musicians, one day of tracking, includes mixing & mastering)
: $250 for 5 Song EP (Drum Quantizing)
: $200 Half Day Rate (up to 5 hours)
: $50/Hour (Editing, Drum Quantizing, Guitar ReAmping)

Give Us A Call

Your personal comfort and technical perfection are our main goals. We provide all the features of a larger studio, acclaimed engineers and producers and the focused personal attention a smaller operation can offer. Plus we are conveniently located right in the middle of Cincinnati and Dayton just minutes off of I-75. Just ask about local lodging and restaurant information when you call.

From tracking, to overdubs, to mixing, we can fit your recording budgets perfectly, call (513-607-7681) or use our contact page to email us. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Paul Schaefer – Owner